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Ethereum Staking

Earn 25% Daily Returns with Ethereum Staking

Over $15,000,000 staked in our ETH pool.
Join more than 1,300 people who are already staking with us.

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Earn 25% Daily returns for Staking ETH

Stake Ethereum

Min deposit is 0.01 ETH
Earn 25% Daily
Withdrawl at anytime
We cover all the expenses of running a validator

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Daily Profit




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Total Staked

4,680.76 ETH



Generated Profits

1,170 ETH


4,288 ETH


392.76 ETH




With ETH, you can hold or withdrawl your staked assets at any time.



All the stats are available in the blockchain. The code of the Smart-Contract is audited by OpenZepplin. Stake from as little as 0.01 ETH.



Users interest payments will be distributed at the end of every day.



Send your ETH in one transaction and immediately receive 25% in the same transaction. Then we will allocate your funds to our pool which is fully maintained by our Team.


1. What is Ethereum 2.0?

Ethereum 2.0 brings Proof of Stake to the Ethereum network and it is now possible to stake ETH and earn profit. Participating in ETH 2.0 staking requires 32 ETH and validator construction technology but by working with EthStaker the minimum ETH required is just 0.01 ETH.

2. How to stake Ethereum 2.0?

The benefits of working with us is that you don't need a minimum of 32 ETH invested. We allow as little as 0.01 ETH to be invested. You have access to our ETH pool for far less. You can stake your available ETH by depositing in our pool. If you need help please open our live chat.

3. What's the interest rate?

The daily interest rate is currently 25% and depends on the total staked amount in the network. Use our calculator above to see what profits you can expect.

4. What is the minimal amount of stake?

The minimal stake is 0.01 ETH.

5. How much is the service fee?

For now, there is no service fee. This could change in the future.

6. How is the profit calculated?

The daily profit for ETH staking is currently 25% (this could change in the future). Withdrawl your ETH at any time.

7. How to withdraw staked ETH?

According to the Ethereum staking rules, you can submit a request for withdrawl and your ETH will be withdrawn instantly after approval.

8. How is the profit distributed?

The funds are collected at the end of every business day and stored in your wallet of our pool. You can process a withdrawl of your funds at any time.

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